CP Daily: The Influencer Pay Gap


A New TikTok House

Northern Ireland is about to jump into the mainstream by opening its first-ever TikTok house. Vava Influence, Northern Irelands first dedicated Influencer Agency is run by Francesca Morelli and Chloe Henning who met through a tech startup in 2018. The pair has focused on connecting influencers and brands, but now that’s changing.

The Influencer Pay Gap

Is it a thing? Possibly – although we’re seriously hoping not. Looking for a consistent way of getting paid is always an issue for influencers, but what if that pay is not like the others? The value of posts seems to vary based on the platform, but some believe that equal pay doesn’t actually exist. It seems a small minority of influencers take the highest fees while smaller influencers struggle. Plus, there might be an influencer trade union in the works.

Let’s Go Somewhere Good

Somewhere Good, an even newer social media network than BeReal is in the beta-testing process and hopes to bring back to social what many current platforms have lost – a sense of community. “A big differentiator for us is creating a space where people feel like they don’t have to perform.”

The Creator

Meet Karina

A blogger from Charleston, SC with a passion for home decor.

Trends & Tips

Go Multi-Channel

If you’re a YouTube creator, you need to know about Multi-Channel Networks or MCN. These are exclusive to YouTube and how YouTubers can make some cold hard cash. These MCNs typically work in two ways: 1. It becomes an affiliate channel or 2. Buying the rights to the channel content. Take a few to learn more about it and how it can work for you.

Into The Shadows

Have you been shadowbanned? How do you know? What even is it? Shadowban is when a social media platform deprioritizes your account. That could mean – your posts don’t reach as far as they used to, your profile and posts don’t come up in search as often, or even at all. Here’s how to figure it out and stop it.

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The Tools

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DIY In One Platform

Podia is the all-in-one tool to create your website, market your work and connect with your community. Not only that but it’s affordable too. So if you’ve been on the fence about creating your own spot online – now might just be the time to take that next step.

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